If you’re looking for exterior deck railing that’s low-maintenance and as beautiful as it is durable, we’ve got you covered. We offer powder-coated aluminum and vinyl railing to accommodate you, whatever your needs.

Guidance & Experience You Can Trust

Unlike those other guys, we’re not here to talk you into our most expensive deck railing. We combine our extensive knowledge with real-life experience and work directly with you to find the deck railing option that fits your project budget, timeline, and taste.

Endless Possibilities

We’ll talk you through a number of options for your rail design, including the pros and cons for each option available for what’s in the store as well as what’s available to order.

The possibilities for creating the look you want are truly endless with the extensive deck railing options we carry. Choose among different railing materials, colors, finishes, baluster styles and cap designs.

Today’s Deck Railing Options

Like any other wooden structure, real wood deck railing is more susceptible over time to weathering and parasite damage.

In comparison to real wood railing, aluminum and vinyl deck railing offer:

  • Longer-lasting deck railing.
    Repair and replace less often.
  • Lower maintenance.
    No more deck rail staining!
  • Easier cleaning.
    Just rinse with water!
  • A larger variety of styles and combinations to choose from.
    Colors and styles for everyone!
  • Improved parasite control.
    No termites or carpenter bees are getting into THIS stuff.

Common Myths Busted


Aluminum railing is expensive.


In the past, powder-coated aluminum could be quite expensive. These days, the cost comparison is virtually negligible when compared to vinyl. So why choose aluminum over vinyl? It’s a sleeker, thinner, easier-to-clean option you no longer have to break the bank to buy.


Metal railings do not collect mold or mildew.


While mold and mildew will collect on aluminum and especially vinyl railing, clean up is a snap and it will not shorten the lifetime of the product as it will with wood. If this is a primary concern, you might consider choosing powder-coated aluminum rather than vinyl when selecting your deck railing, as it’s the least likely to show mold and mildew.

Free Estimates

Get a FREE on-site estimate in 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide us with your specific border dimensions.
  2. We’ll guide you through the various deck railing options to help select the right choice for you.
  3. You’ll receive an in-store estimate right there on the spot.

Fast Delivery

We provide same-day delivery for deck railing materials that are in stock at the time of purchase. For special orders, delivery may take up to 48 hours.

Premium Installation

Our installers are the best at what they do and maintain a clean, respectful and efficient approach while in your home or office building.